Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Electronic Crime in Muted Key by Nick Wastnage


Enter the enigmatic world of Barry Carter; a man who lives two lives and believes his sinister plan to scam millions and fake his death is foolproof. He’s right, until his bitter lover and distraught wife team up to seek him out. They want retribution but are stopped by the police, who’ve found Carter first and want to question him about a murder, a stolen dead body and an international cyber crime. A frantic chase ensues and there can be only one winner.

My take:

This is a very fast paced, well written novel by a veteran writer. As a story-teller, Nick Wastnage has the unique ability to make the fictional feel and appear real.  The story never lets up as you are taken through the devious twists and turns of a plot hatched by Barry Carter, a man of double lives. As so often happens a simple plot turns out to be just the opposite and Wastnage weaves the threads together through the lives of various miscreants with the subtle hand of a pro.  

Verdict: READ IT!

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